This is on Angel comes home: ANGEL? KNOTT! From the author of The MASTERED Saga comes the first story in the second series of ANGEL KNOTT adventures. This horny Rapunzel is guaranteed to keep you UP!

Naughtier Angel

By Missy Harton  5*****

Angel Knott’s naughty adventures become even NAUGHTIER in this continuation, Angel Comes Home! I’ve grown very fond of Angel and her sexy exploits!! Trying to become as sophisticated as she can, she embraces and learns everything being taught to her! This new found sexual freedom has her primed and ready to continually explore her burning desires!! Moving into her new house, Angel is gifted with the BEST house warming gift EVER!! I suggest starting at the beginning with The Naughty Adventures of Angel Knott, it too is a great read and will tell you how Angel’s innocence was lost!! Can’t wait for more of Angel’s adventures!!!

By Patti Cortez-Bell  5*****

If you thought that the first Angel Knotts was good wait till you read Angel Comes Home. This Angel is very very naughty, after losing her virginity she can’t get enough. K L Silver’s writing sucks you in and by the time you get to the end of the book your like I NEED more. The read is very sexual and to be honest I couldn’t wait for my husband to come home. I can promise you that you’ll be very much aroused.