With an average of 4.8 of 5 Stars, 150 reviews can’t be wrong.  Here’s one of the latest…

“I’ve read over 200 erotica novels in the last four years, written by as many authors.
All I can is – I freakin’ LOVE how you write!  Your books in particular grab me, pushing me into them face first.  You have a special gift.
PS. I thought it was genius how you incorporated Mastered into Angel’s last book!” (PM, AK)

***TRUSSED (Book 2, The Mastered Saga) is nominated for Best Erotic Novel, 2015 ***

The MASTERED Saga (2-novel Boxed Set, on sale)

ANGEL KNOTT (6-novella SEX-tology)


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2 Responses to THIS JUST IN…

  1. jfredlee says:

    I also was knocked out by how K L Silver brought MASTERED into the last book in the ANGEL KNOTT series. The sex in her books is so hot you can read them without the light on. And her writing is damn brilliant. K L Silver is a writer we’re going to be hearing a lot more from!

  2. klsilver says:

    Swweet, Jeff! You DO have a way with words…lol 🙂

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