The MASTERED Saga continues… Another 5 star review!!!!!

Thank you sweet Owl Lady!

Viv Drewa - The Owl Lady

“I just finished reading TRUSSED and let me tell you – K L Silver has out done herself!
This book has everything: BDSM, erotica, mystery, shocking twists and turns, and OMG – that ending!
Great read! want more!” (KS VP Amazon)

trussed 3

TRUSSED (Book 2)

TRUSSED picks up the erotic reins right where MASTERED left them, then gallops straight off the ledge of mystery and suspense.
After an epic breach of BDSM protocol, MISSY WEAVER must earn back both her collar and James’ trust. Envisioning the hoops he will devise for her to jump through whets her submissive appetite – amongst other things. Born yin to his Yang, she is eager to meet – and exceed – every salacious challenge.
JAMES COLTON adores his ‘little one’. Miserable without her, he disregards time-honored BDSM precepts and forgives her her trespasses. The fact that he’s also to blame has no bearing on…

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